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Cardiovascular/Pulmonary: Path Labs

Laboratory Exercises

The laboratory activities for the course will be conducted in Team Based Learning Format. This means readings must be done prior to lab. Required reading/viewing assignments are noted below. Where alternate sources are listed, you may choose which to use for preparation.
Note there will be a graded quiz [readiness assurance test] on the concepts covered in these readings!

Lab 1 - Obstructive Lung Disease/Interstitial Lung Disease

June 29

Pre-Lab Preparation - Required

See Blackboard for Foundational and Integrative Objectives for this session

Lab 2 - Ischemic Heart Disease

July 6

Pre-Lab Preparation - Required

Lab 6 - Community Aquired Pneumonia

Pre-Lab Preparation -  Required

Lab 3 - Valvular Heart Disease

July 14

Pre-Lab Prepartion


Enrichment Readings:

Lab 7 - Opportunistic Lung Infections

Pre-Lab Preparation -  Required

Lab 4 - Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Thromboembolism

July 20

Pre-Lab Preparation  - Required