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Cardiovascular/Pulmonary: Case 3

D. Dineen and A. Gonzalez - Obstructive Lung Disease

Week 3 - July 5-6

Rx Bricks - Required

Total video time: 124 minutes

Gas Exchange

Clinical Evaluaiton

Obstructive Lung Diseases


Boards and Beyond - Supplementary

List of Boards and Beyond Videos along with length

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This Week:  1 hour 17 minutes total

Sub-Category 02: Obstructive and Restrictive Diseases

  • Obstructive Lung Disease - 27 min

Sub-Category 03: Other Pulmonary Topics

  • Sleep Apnea - 7 min
  • Cystic Fibrosis - 14 min

Sub-Category 02: Acid-Base

  • Acid Excretion - 9 min
  • Acid-Base Principles - 30 min


Textbook Assignments

Article Assignments


Case Objectives

Objectives- Case 3 - Dineen & Gonzalez

Foundational Knowledge Objectives:

  1. Identify the pulmonary causes of shortness of breath.
  2. Justify treatment based on the different pathophysiologic causes of bronchoconstriction in asthma and COPD (inflammation, smooth muscle constriction, loss of elastic recoil, mucosal edema, luminal secretions).
  3. Diagram signaling pathways of bronchoconstriction.

Integrative Knowledge Objectives

  1. Understand classifications of asthma and COPD so that they can apply the correct classification of asthma in order to treat these patients.
  2. Describe the various clinical tests, or clinical labs, that assess pulmonary function.
  3. Describe imaging techniques useful in the assessment of pulmonary diseases.
  4. Interpret Anna’s and Daniel’s lab results, and describe the abnormalities, if any, that would be consistent with the classification of their diseases.