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Cardiovascular/Pulmonary: Case 7


E. Rommel & Elliot - Lung Cancer/Pulmonary Embolism

Week 6 - July 24-28

Required - Articles


Required - Textbook Assigments

Case Objectives

Objectives - Case 7 - Rommel and Elliot - Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Embolism (PE)

  1. Recognize the anatomic, physiologic, and biochemical alterations associated with lung cancer.
  2. Differentiate physiologic abnormalities associated with pulmonary embolic disease from those associated with obstructive and interstitial lung diseases.
  3. Describe the pharmacology of appropriate anticoagulant approaches for pulmonary emboli and list the factors that predispose to the development of PE.
  4. Differentiate acute and chronic forms of pulmonary embolism by presentation and by physiology
  5. Diagram the plural space and explain the mechanisms that lead to accumulation of pleural fluid.