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Cardiovascular/Pulmonary: Case 4

D. Dows and M. Heart - Coronary Artery Disease

Weeks 3-4 - July 8, July 11

Boards and Beyond - Supplementary

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This Week: 1 hour 54 minutes

Sub-Category 02: Cardiac Ischemia - 1 hour 28 minutes

  • Atherosclerosis - 17 min
  • Cardiac Ischemia - 31 min
  • STEMI - 13 min
  • Unstable Angina/NSTEMI - 8 min
  • Stable Angina - 21 min

Sub-Category 01: Hemostasis

  • Platelet Activation - 13 min
  • Antiplatelet Drugs - 13 min


Required Articles:

Supplementary Harrison's Pathophysiology Videos

Short animations from Harrison's

Total Time: 5 min 40 sec

Case Objectives

Objectives - Case 4 - Dows and Heart

Patient #1: Dan Dows:

  1. Describe the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of cardiac ischemia.
  2. Distinguish the gender specific differences in the clinical presentation of angina.  
  3. Discuss and understand the differential diagnoses of stable versus unstable angina.
  4. Students will be able to diagram and critique the circulatory system.
  5. Compare and contrast the regulation of cardiac output and respiration.

Patient #1: Megan Heart:

  1. Describe the pathophysiology of different Acute Coronary Syndrome presentations.
  2. Explain and describe the clinical presentation and early management of STEMI patients.
  3. Understand the role of coronary angiography and early interventions in the management of STEMI.
  4. Describe the pharmacology of medications used for management of acute coronary syndromes.
  5. Describe post-MI complications including arrhythmias and mechanical complications.