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Reporting Student Mistreatment

The SOM is committed to providing a positive and robust learning environment of all our students. In any case where a student experiences mistreatment from a faculty, student or staff member, the student should report the mistreatment.
Reports of mistreatment can be submitted:

  • To your Course or Clerkship Director
  • To an Educational Affairs or Student Affairs Assistant or Associate Dean
  • To the Student Ombudsman, (409) 747-9055 in the Jamail Center
  • Sexual/gender discrimination, assault, or harassment –Title IX office, 2.126 Jamail
  • Include in the evaluation of your course/faculty with as much detail as you can comfortably provide. If we don’t
    know about it, we can’t fix it
  • To anonymously report unprofessional behavior on the part of a classmate, there is the Honors Education CouncilAnonymous Concern Form

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