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Gastrointestinal/Nutrition (GIN): Week 5

Week 5

November 27 - December 1

Week 5 - Pathology TBL

Liver Pathology

Pre-Class Assignments


Rx Bricks:

Foundational Objectives:

  1. Discuss the gross appearance and histopathology of cirrhosis. 
  2. Contrast the different hepatotropic viruses (A, B, C, D, E) regarding their pathogenesis and clinical presentation.  
  3. Differentiate autoimmune hepatitides, cholestatic syndromes and metabolic disorders regarding pathogenesis, histopathology and clinical presentation. 
  4. Correlate the histopathology metabolic alterations of cirrhosis with its clinical presentation and complications.   
  5. Discuss the different diagnostic alternatives for cirrhosis, viral hepatitides, autoimmune hepatitides, cholestatic syndromes and metabolic diseases affecting the liver.

Integrative Objectives:

  1. Illustrate the natural history of chronic hepatitis C infection.
  2. Identify the main clinical features and laboratory findings of chronic hepatitis C infection.
  3.  Explain the histopathologic progression of hepatitis C infection and its implications for treatment.
  4. Identify the main complications arising from chronic hepatitis C infection and their possible pathogenetic mechanisms.
  5. Analyze molecular targets of antiviral medications used for chronic hepatitis C infection.