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Gastrointestinal/Nutrition (GIN): Week 1

Normal Physiology and Motility of the GI Tract

See Blackboard (Content>Lecture Materials) for Weekly Objective and PowerPoint slides.

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This Week: 143 minutes total



Enrichment Readings

Lab Readings

An understanding and knowledge of normal histology of the gut is essential to your understanding and knowledge of the pathophysiology of the GI tract. You should complete the gastrointestinal and salivary gland portions of the tutorial in Weeks 1-2. The portion on liver can be learned later in the course, before Weeks 4 & 5.

Suggested Reading:

The images on the Histology atlases are fixed images that cannot be manipulated. The web scope images from the University Of Michigan Histology course are virtual slides that can be viewed at different magnifications with a virtual microscope.

 Note: No lecture in GIN will cover histology of teeth and tongue. These topics are probably not discussed in another course, so you should take this opportunity to briefly learn about these organs, which do indeed become diseased in various ways.