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School of Nursing-DNP

Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly Publishing is a subset of scholarly communication and is the more formal, written form of disseminating research and adding to the scholarly record of a discipline. Publishing provides the opportunity to:

  1. Describe research
  2. Evaluate its reliability, reproducibility, and relevance
  3. Disseminate works through multiple channels (articles, books, etc.)
  4. Preserve what has been don for future use
  5. Inspire future research/work
  6. Form or add to the foundational knowledge in a discipline

Faculty publish to share their discoveries and to organize, synthesize, and interpret information for novices in the field. However, other external pressures provide other reasons to publish.

  • Publish or perish - publications are used as part of the promotion/tenure process
  • Prestige for the university - academic institutions can be judged by the publishing records of their faculty/research programs
  • Public access - some funding agencies/grants may required the results to be published/made publicly available

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