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META: Mindfully Evolving, Thriving & Advocating: Week 2

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” --Sir William Osler

Week 2 - July 19-23

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Clinical Skills - Introduction to Note Writing - Required and Delve Deeper Clinical Reasoning - Required and Delve Deeper Incarcerated Peoples - Required
Clinical Skills - History Taking - Delve Deeper   Social Determinants of Health - Required and Delve Deeper
Clinical Skills - Physical Exam - Delve Deeper   Outside of Class Activities - Required


Clinical Skills - History Taking

Delve Deeper:

Clinical Reasoning

Introduction to Clinical Reasoning


Total Viewing Time: 39:34

Delve Deeper:

Listen to an episode of Car Talkb

Incarcerated Peoples

(Read before session on Friday)

Delve Deeper:

Social Determinants of Health/Cultural Humility

Social Determinants of Health & Physician Charter 


Delve Deeper:

Social Determimamts:

One Health:

Outside of Class Activities

Implicit Bias
Take 3 separate Harvard Implicit Bias tests: one on race, one on sexualty, and one of your choosing

BEFORE  the Privilege Walk
Poverty Simulation - Run through this 3 times and keep track of what decisions you have to make to make your money last the longest