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Molecules, Cells, and Tissues: Week 2

Week 2

October 16-20

Assigned Readings

Interactive Session Pre-Work

Interactive Histology/Pathology Review Workshop-Cystic Fibrosis

Histology Panopto Videos

See Blackboard
(Syllabus and Course Content > Weekly Folder > Histology Videos)

Week2, Topic 2: Epithelial tissues

  • Eccicrine sweat glands summary
  • Epithelia introduction
  • Endothelial cell summary
  • Bladder in transitional epithelia
  • Epithelia of the kidney
  • Kidney 1
  • Kidney 2
  • Colon
  • Pseudostratified epithelia A, trachea
  • Pseudostratified epithelia B, trachea
  • Pseudocolumnar epithelia C bronchiole
  • Simple sqamous epithelia summary
  • Skin eccicrine sweat glands
  • Jejunum 1 and 2

TBL: Pharmacodynamics

Read the following Rx Bricks covering Pharmacodynamics.
Guide your study to understand these key concepts and principles: 
Potency, EC50, efficacy, Emax, affinity, Kd, graded dose response, agonist, antagonist, competitive antagonist, non-competitive antagonist, partial agonist, full agonist, reversible versus irreversible antagonists, therapeutic index, Km, Vmax, competitive enzyme inhibitor, non-competitive enzyme inhibitor, Michaelis Menten equation, Lineweaver Burk plots.