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Neurology Clerkship



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Citation Management

Additional Core Resources

Drug Information

Resources for finding relevant drug information



Drug Databases/Web Resources:

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Other Ebook Packages

Methods and Protocols

Consumer Health - Library Databases

These resources can be used by anyone on the UTMB campus. Off-campus access is restricted to those with a UTMB email username/password.

Consumer Health - Core Web Sites

Interactive Anatomy Resources - Anatomy.TV

Bates Videos

Exam Review

Images and Videos

Many of the Library's ebook packages and other electronic resources have an image or multimedia search feature. It is usually located on the Advanced Search page, although some resources may also have a link to the images/multimedia in the navigation across the top of the page. Our Images guide also provides tips and tricks for locating images on the Internet that can be re-used without copyright concerns.

Sources for Images

Sources for Videos