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What is ORCiD ID?

ORCiD ID is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers with similar names .

Add Publications to your ORCiD ID Profile from Scopus

Begin in Scopus. Connect from the Library's home page or the link below:


  1. Log into your Scopus account (Register for one if you don’t have one)
  2. On the Document search page, change from Documents to Authors
    Use the form to search for your author profile (Last name:  First name:   Affiliation: Galveston)
  3. Click on your name to bring up your profile
  4. Under Profile Actions on the right, click Connect to ORCID
  5. Scopus will suggest names that might be you. If any match, click checks next to the names. If none are you, click the Start button.
  6. A drop down menu will appear with your Profile name. My default was ok, but you may choose other listings. Click Next.
  7. A list of your publications will appear. If any listed are not yours, click the X. Otherwise, leave the green check. Click Next.
  8. A Review screen will come up. If you need to make changes, click “Back”. If it’s all ok, click Next.
  9. Enter/confirm email and click “Send Author ID”.
  10. Click Send my publication list.
  11. Your publications should be listed on your ORCiD ID profile.

Connecting Your ORCID ID to ERA Commons


  • ORCID iD required for PD/PIs on individual fellowship and career development applications submitted for due dates on or after January 25, 2020 (NIH, CDC,  AHRQ)
  • Expected to be a requirement for all applications within next 3 years

Connecting ORCID ID to SciENcv

Connect ORCiD ID and My NCBI:

  1. Go the the My NCBI log in page  or click Sign In in the upper right of the screen in PubMed
  2. Under "Sign In with" click See more 3rd party options
  3. Start typing ORCiD in the box and select it
  4. Enter your ORCiD log in credentials and click Sign into ORCiD
  5. Your My NCBI account and ORCid ID are now connected
    You can verify by clicking on your My NCBI username in the upper right of PubMed. You will see ORCiD listed in your linked accounts.

Add ORCiD ID to SciENcv:

  1. Click on My NCBI in the upper right of the screen in PubMed
  2. Go to the SciENcv box
  3. Click Manage SciENCv
  4. In the box with your name, click edit
  5. Add any information to the Required Information section.
  6. Under Optional Information, click Add your ORCiD ID to this profile
  7. Your ORCiD ID will appear. Click the Save button.

When your ORCiD ID is connected to My NCBI/SciENcv, you can:

  • Create a New Biosketch and populate it with information from your ORCiD ID profile
    • Select External Source and choose ORCID from the menu
  • Add your ORCiD ID to exising biosketches or in newly created ones
    • In the Name section, click Edit, and select "Add your ORCID ID to this profile"