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Gross Anatomy/Radiology (GAR): Week 1


Week 1 - Thorax

August 7-11

TBL Readings - Read BEFORE Session

Required Reading:

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Power Points available in Blackboard (Lecture Material, Week 1)

Rx Bricks

Specific TBL Reading/Material

Rx Bricks - Recommended

Introduction to Anatomy
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue

Repdroductive - The Female Reproductive System

Structure of the Cardiovascular System

Anatomy of the Heart

Growth and Development of Development of the Cardiovascular System

Disorders of the Cardiovascular System
Congenital Heart Defect

Structure of the Respiratory System

Anatomy of the Lungs and Supporting Structures

RXbricks can be used as adjuvant to the other material provided in the course (panopto recordings, dissection videos, PBLs, exercises, etc.)
We are providing a selection of bricks that can help you understand, clarify, and expand on some of the course material.
As you review the bricks, it is our recommendation to follow the course objectives, as some of the Bricks material may go beyond the knowledge we expect you to have.