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Family Medicine Clerkship

The broad scope of Family Medicine is usually challenging to medical students, yet the good news is that there are only about 20-30 problems that are most commonly seen in the clinical setting. Links to readings about these common problems are provided here, along with the topic-specific objective from the The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM). 

Some topics are more in depth but a couple of hours of reading daily throughout the month should allow you to master the diagnosis and management of these problems and help you with your USMLE Family Medicine exam. This will be particularly helpful for students with weaker self-assessment scores on the initial exam, as well as those seeking honors.

A study calendar is available to help you organize your time and effort for the greatest efficiency and yield.

Click the buttons to the left (Health Promotion and Prevention OR Common Conditions and Presentations) to expand the categories to select the condition/presentation of interest.

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