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META: Mindfully Evolving, Thriving & Advocating: Week 5

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” --Sir William Osler

Week 5 - August 10-14

Note - Required Anti-Racism Readings for Week 5 are listed here and also on the Anti-Racism Readings tab, along with definitions of Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.. Be sure to check out the resources on the Ant-Racism Readings tab to delve deeper into this important topic. 

Learning - Growth Mindset & Shame Resilience


Total Time: 29 min 46 sec

Delve Deeper:

Total viewing time: 57 min 24 sec

Anti-Racism - Required

Novice - Required

Intermediate - Required

Expert - Required

Medline Lab: Practice Exercise & Self Assessment

Living Through a Pandemic

Delve Deeper:

Differently Abled Lived Experience and Panel

Pre-Class Preparation:
Watch one of these videos. Write a reflection of what the hardest and most joyful part of  "a day in their life" wound be like to share with your small group.

Medical Terminology


Delve Deeper -  Anki Tutorials

Delve Deeper:

Medical Dictionaries
(Note: These are also linked on the Student's Guide to Clinical Information Sources)