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NIH Scientific Data Sharing Policy: Data Management and Sharing Plan

This guide explains the requirements related to scientific data sharing for NIH-funded research.

DMSP Elements

The elements required in a data management and sharing plan:

  • Data type: briefly describe the scientific data to be managed
  • Related tools, software and/or code: indicate what specialized tools are need to access or manipulate the shared scientific data and how to access the tools
  • Standards: indicate what standards, if any, will be applied to the data (e.g. data formats, data dictionaries, etc.)
  • Data Preservation, Access, and Associated Timelines: Where and when the data will be made accessible, and how it will be made findable and identifiable. 
  • Access, Distribution, or Reuse Considerations: Describe factors which may limit data sharing (e.g. informed consent, privacy/confidentiality, federal/Tribal/state laws).
  • Oversight of Data Management and Sharing: Indicate how and by whom compliance with the plan will be monitored and managed.

DMSP Resources